Your Chief
Marketing Officers

The Blocher Group fundamentally understands that many organizations have limited time, tight resources, and a lack of C-level and marketing executives to address daily demands in a comprehensive way.

Our holistic marketing leadership and experienced industry professionals extend the reach of our clients without extending their payroll rosters.

We help teams harness the strengths of their communications teams, organize them around common strategies and direct them toward concrete goals. From aligning architectural designs and brand positioning to deploying marketing and public relations, we drive measurable results in the short term and sustain value in the long term.



  • Corporate, Brand and Product Positioning

  • Marketing Strategy for B-to-B and B-to-C Audiences

  • Thought Leadership, and Internal and External Communications

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

  • Competitive Research and New Market Analysis and Feasibility

  • Demographic Research, Profiles and Strategy

  • Investor Relations

  • Budget and Pro-Forma Development

  • Marketing Plans

  • Communications / Media Relations Strategy

  • Digital and Social Media Strategy/Execution

  • Team Structure Planning, Building and Mentoring


  • CMO / Executive- Level Marketing Expertise

  • Measurable Return-on-Investment (ROI) and Return-on-Opportunity (ROO)

  • Direct Cost and Time Savings

  • Vendor Relationship-Building and Cost Negotiations

  • Resource Selection from an Objective “Outsider’s” Point-of-View